Fast and efficient transport, we can consider our vehicle to act as a protector, when driving into hot, cold weather in the  Dallas TX area or in a rainy night! We think of seat belts as a safety device in our car or truck. However, have we ever thought of the windshield? I’m sure, not many of us would have! But, we understand its importance, when a bird drops its… on your windshield in Dallas or when the scorching sun emits rays or when heavy rains come and directly hit the windshield! Windshields is therefore another safety component in vehicles in and around the Dallas area and therefore it needs to be cleaned from time to time and replaced, if necessary. Cleaning it is however very easy, but auto glass replacement would demand professional car glass intervention! So how much would the windshield replacement cost, when you take it to a mechanic? Let us proceed to know the same.

Windshield Replacement Serving Dallas TX
I have always been saying that to repair any part of the vehicle, you need to have knowledge of spare parts and you should know the technique of handling them and also the procedure of repair. However, here, you need not be a technical person or someone who is really expert at handling vehicle repair! All you need is the knowledge of windshield replacement procedure in Lewisville, Garland, Allen, Dallas, Addison, Frisco, Mckinney, Plano and most importantly, common sense! I’m sure you have all this in you and now you simply need to understand the procedure.
The first and foremost step in replacing the windshield in Dallas is to remove parts such as wiper, mirrors, etc., which constitute a part of the entire assembly lying around the windshield.
Fix a tape on the heating vent.
The glass is attached to the windshield frame, with the help of a rubber gasket. Also inspect the rubber gasket for damages or cracks. If damages are found, then you need to replace. Remove it by carefully slicing a knife through the edge of the gasket.
Now take the damaged glass out of the frame, by gently pushing it from inside the car.
Attach the rubber gasket to the new windshield in Dallas. See that thicker edge of the windshield is fixed along the inner side of the glass.
Once you fit the rubber gasket, remove the dust and rust from the dashboard and window frame.
Apply some petroleum jelly to the outer side of the rubber gasket and carefully place the windshield frame from outside of the vehicle. Push the rubber gasket a bit to keep the glass in place.
Remove the petroleum jelly and then re-attach the wipers and the mirrors.
The above said procedure is actually an easy one! However, if you are in doubt with it or are not sure enough to handle things properly, then you can take your vehicle to an auto glass service specialist in Dallas and get the task done. In such cases, the average cost of windshield replacement Dallas is somewhere about USD 150 – USD 300. However, it depends upon the labor charges, location, purchase cost and also the time taken to complete the procedure. Another important factor having an influence on the cost for windshield replacement is the type of vehicle! The windshield replacement cost range for an SUV is somewhere around USD 150 – USD 300, whereas for a minivan, it is about USD 175 – USD 295. For cars it is about USD 160 – USD 325. Read more on car windshield replacement and auto windshield replacement and repair.
Be it a minor or a major crack, windshield replacement Dallas becomes unavoidable, when it gets damaged. It is not practically possible to flaunt your car through the traffic, with a damaged windshield, that is actually spoiling its look! Hope the above discussion proved useful for those who wanted to know about the windshield replacement cost and also the procedure for the same.